Time To Burn Your Iphone!!

This is what the 84 year old Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky commanded during Yom Kippur. He said that it was forbidden to own the smartphone, and those who already had one must burn theirs.

Israel’s growing ultra-Orthodox minority tenaciously guards its traditional way of life against the influence of the secular majority. Many shun TVs and computers to avoid images that break their standards of modesty and values.

Recently large posters sprang up throughout Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, calling iPhones “an abomination 24 hours a day.” They called on community members to kick iPhone owners out of religious seminaries, and warned them to keep their children away from the children of iPhone users.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be looked at as an outcast because you choose to use today’s technology? Something to truly think about.

Source: Huffington Post