While taking time to browse the internet last night I came across a group of talented young men making a splash in the rock genre. A couple of 13 year olds and a 12 year old who absolutely do werk on a guitar and drum set. Say hello to Malcolm Brickhouse, Alec Atkins and Jarad Dawkins. Together they form the group Unlocking The Truth.

The band recently signed a multi album deal with Sony. Unlocking the Truth is the first act on The Cherry Party label, started by Jolene Cherry, a former executive at Universal Music Group. The trio is currently working on their debut album.

These kids are gonna be special. That is what something banging is all about.

Since basketball season is over I keep myself entertained by keeping up with the Summer League games which provide for sick highlights daily. What I stumbled across today was one of the sickest crossovers I’ve ever seen. Phildelphia guard Tony Wroten provided the highlight at Seattle’s Pro Am. The name of the man destroyed had been left out to save face. Enjoy.

You have to be a special type of individual to chase storms that can immediately take you outta this world. Now watching these storms from the comfort of your computer is a little different AND safe. I do commend the Basehunters who go around and film mother nature in all her glory showing out. This particular video is of a time lapse supercell thunderstorm developing over Newcastle, Wyoming. Check out their YouTube channel for more intense videos like this.



The idea that jazz can be a kind of conversation has been tossed around forever in many circles.

A team of researchers conducted a study that involved putting a musician in a functional MRI machine with a keyboard, and having him play a memorized piece of music and then a made-up piece of music as part of an improvisation with another musician in a control room.

What researchers found was that improv jazz conversations take root in the brain as a language. I’ve never been a huge jazz fan myself but always admired how two jazz musicians engaged in the art simultaneously could create magic through improvisation. I’ve recently seen more of this in various programs across the nation in different musical formats which is awesome.

Music ability can be enhanced or limited through these conversations. During a spoken conversation, the brain is busy processing the order and syntax of language, as well as the semantics or meaning of words. Brain areas linked to meaning are shut down during the improvisational jazz interactions. Simply put my friends, the music is the universal language understood by all. Conversation complicates things.

“In jazz their is no lying and very little misunderstanding.” -Mark Kirby

Source: The Atlantic

stadium in berlin

The best way to watch this year’s World Cup if you aren’t at the game is in a living room with a nice couch. That was the concept lifted and placed right in Berlin’s Stadion An der Alten Forsterei (home of FC Union Berlin). 750 couches brought in by fans complete with side tables and lamps along with a ridiculous 700″ TV including your grand mom’s wallpaper.

This is legit. Admisson is free and can sit up to 12,000 people. The seats are assigned by lottery which you can enter right here. The organizers will cover the couches in case of rain. It can get any better than this folks!






Source: Twisted Sifter

Congrats to the San Antonio Spurs for handling the Miami Heat with such ease to win their 5th championship. It is no secret they have been salvating at the mouth for this opportunity since their complete shutdown last year.

What this post is about is the Thor like smash Manu Ginobili put on Chris Bosh. Pretty damn bad it was. God bless that boy for the effort and shout out to Manu for bouncing back with a vengeance.



Salute the 2014 NBA Champions, The San Antonio Spurs.

If you know about And 1 Basketball then you know how insanely dope it use to be with ESPN making those guys look like superstars. The moves they were pulling off were instant rewind classics. We had legit arguments with folks about if they could have given folks like Iverson, Garnett, Shaq, and Kobe a run. Players like AO, Alimoe(R.I.P), Escalade(R.I.P), The Professor, and more just were flat out entertaining.

The one with the most flare of them all was Hot Sauce and looks like he is still on his game. What makes this clip even more uglier is the guy got BANGED on by a dude simply nicknamed Baby Lebron. This video looks more like it should have been in Mortal Kombat when they perform their Finishing Move. God bless the boy.