I appreciate various species in the world such as the Peacock Spider. I appreciate them even more from a distance. That is the best way to view some of these crazy creatures. Looking at the picture it looks almost super human which it might just be. Found only in the Queensland and New South Wales area of eastern Australia. The flaps look like it may be used for some type of super power when in all actually it only is used to attract other females of the species. No seriously that is all. Guess it’s just like any other human being huh?

How can a Happy Hour go wrong? The following video was shot awhile ago but had to revisit for how reckless the manager spoke to my teammate. We were hanging out in New Jersey and had the craving for Sonic and ended up getting Sonic Boomed with horrible service. Listen to the conversation and let me know your thoughts. The definition of Happy Hour gone wrong.



For those who don’t know, I have a extensive background in experiential marketing leading me to various cities across the country during the year. I have chilled recently refocusing on building the IdOMUSIC® brand based in Atlanta,GA but flooding the country nationwide in 2015.  Well I’m taking back to the road for the next two weeks traveling from Wisconsin to Tallahassee promoting for a tech company. I plan on showcasing all my good followers of SB how things werk out here in this world.

The list of colleges I’ll be teleporting to include:


University of Tennessee

University of South Carolina

TBD between Duke, UNC, or Wake Forest

Florida State

Searching for the music makers in or around these areas when I’m not talking about computers and technology. Looking for the open mics, any live shows, or networking events taking place. I’m all about networking so reach out if you available. For all my other followers just enjoy the content. It will be Something BANGING!

Thursday, December 11th 2014

I am horrible with posting visuals. I have footage from my tour but the time to actually edit and post is an issue. Just know it was groovy and when I finally sit down and edit the love will be BANGING. Until then live your life JEDI!

The more I catch footage of Jay Electronica, the more I feel if and when he drops an album it could really change hip hop. His message is on point but his consistency is just non existent. If you never heard of this man check the below footage I totally forgot I had captured from the A3C Festival that took place in October. Being held up by the power of the people to deliver his verse I think was a magic moment. A moment necessary to the future of hip hop if the brother gets it together. Putting out music under the machine which is the major labels is a headache in itself but again is necessary. Who will be our music heroes in 2015? I can only hope his name is involved.



The good people of Patchwerk Recording Studios have put together a great day of learning for the future music makers of America called Music University. The goal is to give the young and ambitious who want a career in the music business a chance to get up close and personal with today’s music professionals. The event will take place at Patchwerk Recording Studios located in midtown Atlanta

A few of the previous panelist over the years of Music University include Bryan Michael Cox, Dj Don Cannon, Dj Nabs, Jason Geter, Drumma Boy, Willie B, Sonny Digital, Rico Wade, Polow Da Don and more. Check out footage from one of our past Music University events.


A post dedicated to the best snack currently floating around in America belongs to Sara Lee’s Brownie Chocolate Chip Cake. I’m a simple man and don’t need much to smile but these particular sweets just put me in a great place. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out please visit your local grocery store and hit the bread and cakes aisle. They are beyond rare to find at least where I reside in ATL. Peep the video and the pure enjoyment I had finding these in New Berlin, Wisconsin yesterday. Don’t knock it until you try it kids!

Visit Sara Lee’s website and type in your zip code for where you can find these BANGING treats.


Congrats Atlanta you are now the Sugar Daddy Capital of the country according to dating website The study lists the top 30 cities with the highest ratio of Sugar Daddies per 1,000 males. Atlanta is the “Sugar Daddy Capital of North America” with 19.64 Sugar Daddies per 1,000 males — up more than 50 percent from 2013.

The dating website describes a Sugar Daddy as “a man who is successful and generous, and willing to provide a certain lifestyle for a young, attractive person in return for friendship or companionship.”

The study also shows the average Sugar Daddy in North America is roughly 44 years old and has a net worth of approximately $7.7 million and spends about $4,183 monthly on his “sugar habit.”
Top 30 cities to find a Sugar Daddy with number per 1,000 males:

Atlanta 19.64
Vancouver 13.02
Orlando 12.52
San Francisco 12.23
Las Vegas 11.68
Tampa 11.50
Washington D.C. 10.01
Boston 9.91
Seattle 8.24
Austin 8.03
New Orleans 6.54
Denver 6.54
Minneapolis 6.33
Portland 6.13
Edmonton 4.99
Toronto 4.99
Chicago 4.97
Charlotte 4.18
Calgary 3.93
San Antonio 3.78
San Jose 3.68
Houston 3.63
Columbus 3.52
Phoenix-Scottsdale 3.38
Philadelphia 2.95
Ottawa 2.82
Dallas 2.78
Miami 2.68
New York 2.39
Los Angeles 1.99

As you can see rounding out the bottom, NY and LA don’t play that. Get your own money!

Source: Biz Journal


It is time to do werk this fall season. The mission to empower musicians worldwide is here to jumpstart your network. If you live in or around the surrounding area of Atlanta check out IdOMUSIC® Social Sessions Sunday at The Music Room!

IdOMUSIC® creates the platform for today’s music makers and music enthusiast to socialize and build new relationships. Up and coming artist here is your opportunity to grow your fan base as well as receive an education from seasoned veterans. Everyone who REGISTERS has the option to be added to our IdOMusic® Talent Directory and contacted for a spotlight interview during our Social Session. We have a few surprises for those in attendance so get there early. *hint hint*

Giveaway Opportunities:
Win a “Check My Mix” session  This service gives you the ability to listen to your material in an acoustically correct room on multiple sets of studio monitors. You can then go back and make corrections as necessary. We make sure your mix is industry ready!

Win 2 hours in Patchwerk Recording Studios NEW Production Room– If you love making beats and want to do it in a studio setting here is your new home!

2 Logo Design giveaways from our partner EXL Creative

Event Date: Sunday, October 19th 2014

Event Time: 6:00p
Admission: $5 before 8pm with RSVP and also for anyone who arrives wearing an I DO MUSIC t-shirt. After 8pm admission is $10.00 for everyone. Send RSVP to
Purchase tickets ——>

Location: 327 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta, GA 30312



I’m not sure exactly when the selfie became the big thing but we are definitely living in the age of “look at me now.” Director Matthew Frost for VS Magazine teamed up with Kristen Dunst to have a little fun of the latest craze. The satirical short titled “Aspirational” pokes fun of Selfie nation. The ladies filmed are more interested in the opportunity for increased likes and follows than actually conversing with Dunst.

Hello future of America where we don’t know how to hold a conversation with someone but can “like” and “follow” all day!

Source: PaperMag