It should not surprise you plenty of fast food restaurants have secret menus. They are comprised of unofficial and unadvertised selections the chains can make when ordered but not on the regular menu. Some of the secret items were created by the restaurant while others were customer based and spread word of mouth.

The days of searching around online for any post discussing secret menus are coming to an end.(That is what you were doing before you read this right?) Now there’s a website dedicated to these desirable dishes. The genius name of site is called Hack The Menu.

They’ve collected 15 menus so far, for places ranging from Jamba Juice to Sonic, and they’ve even put together a list of healthy secret menu options, in case you’re looking for some guilt free drive thru. Expect the list to keep growing more and more as people discover items to add on in the future. I love my sweets so any chain who will mix my strawberry shake with golden oreos is champion for me! What is your secret menu item?



Painting pictures using the sky has never looked this fly. Artist Thomas Lamadieu aka Roots Art takes photos of buildings and cityscapes wherever he goes. The images he utilizes are directed skyward using a fisheye lens. The sky becomes the background highlighting various illustrations that utilize the sky’s original color.

Make sure to check his work on his official page.





How refreshing to look at today’s articles and see Atlanta Hawks owner, Bruce Levenson, release his racial realization. Bruce racially offensive comments were brought to life as he wondered ways to build ATL’s racial sports divide and increase fan attendance at Hawks’ games. I appreciate his honesty but am sad he has continued to live with this mentality in his position. Thus he is today’s Villain.

“In trying to address those issues, I wrote an e-mail two years ago that was inappropriate and offensive,” he said. “I trivialized our fans by making clichéd assumptions about their interests (i.e. hip hop vs. country, white vs. black cheerleaders, etc.) and by stereotyping their perceptions of one another (i.e. that white fans might be afraid of our black fans). By focusing on race, I also sent the unintentional and hurtful message that our white fans are more valuable than our black fans.”

“If you’re angry about what I wrote, you should be,” Levenson said in a statement released by the team. “I’m angry at myself, too. It was inflammatory nonsense. We all may have subtle biases and preconceptions when it comes to race, but my role as a leader is to challenge them, not to validate or accommodate those who might hold them.

“I have said repeatedly that the NBA should have zero tolerance for racism, and I strongly believe that to be true. That is why I voluntarily reported my inappropriate e-mail to the NBA.

I’m sure some folks will commend Mr.Levenson but all I can do is point out which rock you can go kick sir. He clearly didn’t want to be part of the organization moving forward.


Source: AJC

Manute Bol was a Sudanese-born basketball player who grew to stand 7 ft 7. His son, Bol Bol, is 6’10 at 14 years of age and looks to be a future KD on steroids. The name fits cause Bol is Boooollllllllling(had to do it)!

Check out the video to see Bol in action. What you will see immediately is how he dominates the kids. I think it is great for them to see what the competition looks like as they get older. At some point and time however he will need to play with some older kids and get that reality check. If his future will be on the basketball court then he will have to play with the big boys soon. He’ll have some great stories to tell along the way. One battle that is going to come for sure will be the young attempting to posterize him every chance they get. That will either turn him into a warrior or a tall ass water boy.

No matter what though we know Bol is gonna ball!

imc 2 flyer-2

The idea of being a star in your city or state sounds good when you never left home in the first place. When you start to venture out from your comfort zone is when you will feel the most free. It doesn’t get any bigger than removing yourself from your country and head overseas. In the realm of music that is a goal most would like to see.

Well if you need to dust off the passport or apply for one there is something you can attend in the meanwhile. The International Music Conference is taking place starting Wednesday, September 10th. Here is your chance to network with industry professionals from across the world. Check the video to view last year’s highlights. You never know who you may meet by attending.



The conference takes place in Atlanta and if interested in going just contact me via email. I may have a ticket for any fan of the Something Banging Nation! Just hit my email and I’ll werk it out.



I spent this glorious morning with a bunch of strangers to discuss the talent of aspiring musicians.  The business I werk for is breathing new light into the music industry. Giving the artist feedback on records from the potential consumer’s point of view. The goalkeepers of the business. The ones who pay to watch and listen to you. I served as the moderator but enjoyed talking about records that could impact millions some day. Our marketing team werks on refining services like this.  Some may say that is a dream job but I say it was a great career choice. I was playing my position for a club I could join. Well I’m ready to lead the team. It was fantastic today just happened to be my born day. A day of reflection and rejoice. Very proud to have made it another year but even more excited about the opportunities that are ahead. I got a vision on how life should be and I want to project that in all my werk.

But first let me shake the machine…..




In an attempt to further separate real time conversation, the iPhone dating app Glimpse was launched as a way for curious creatives to meet like minded individuals using Instagram. Someone had to compete with Tinder and Plenty of Fish right? Recently Glimpse introduced a update, encouraging users to connect directly through images verses a match dependent operation. The update allows profile pictures to originate from other locations and target demographic to be adjusted(age, sex, location). A big feature now is if you accidentally skip someone while browsing, you can backtrack. Tinder fans will be thrilled about this I’m sure.



Just like in the real world, it is all about how conversations are started that lead to a potential relationship. Same goes for the Glimpse application. By browsing others images, you get a glimpse into their day-to-day life. If an image peaks your interest, start a conversation based on that particular image.

Visit Glimpse online for the full rundown, or download the free, updated app and see for yourself. Hey if that fails you can always just meet people the old fashion way!

Source: CoolHunting




While taking time to browse the internet last night I came across a group of talented young men making a splash in the rock genre. A couple of 13 year olds and a 12 year old who absolutely do werk on a guitar and drum set. Say hello to Malcolm Brickhouse, Alec Atkins and Jarad Dawkins. Together they form the group Unlocking The Truth.

The band recently signed a multi album deal with Sony. Unlocking the Truth is the first act on The Cherry Party label, started by Jolene Cherry, a former executive at Universal Music Group. The trio is currently working on their debut album.

These kids are gonna be special. That is what something banging is all about.

Since basketball season is over I keep myself entertained by keeping up with the Summer League games which provide for sick highlights daily. What I stumbled across today was one of the sickest crossovers I’ve ever seen. Phildelphia guard Tony Wroten provided the highlight at Seattle’s Pro Am. The name of the man destroyed had been left out to save face. Enjoy.

You have to be a special type of individual to chase storms that can immediately take you outta this world. Now watching these storms from the comfort of your computer is a little different AND safe. I do commend the Basehunters who go around and film mother nature in all her glory showing out. This particular video is of a time lapse supercell thunderstorm developing over Newcastle, Wyoming. Check out their YouTube channel for more intense videos like this.