Next time you are rolling around Virgina look for the Darth Vader adopt a highway sign. You might just drive past the man himself. In an attempt to keep the roads clean and free of garbage, one man decided to bring the force to US Highway 460 in Blacksburg, Virginia.

When the Vader is occupied a local resident named Henry Wakley will stand in. Henry wears a replica of Lord Vader’s helmet while picking up the trash. Imagine driving by and seeing this guy on the side of the road. Definitely deserves a triple glance.


Local station News 10 reports:

Wakley had to pass several standard guidelines, including two highway clean ups, before VDOT would agree to the sign. He convinced the agency the sign was not a joke, and he intended to take care of the highway and draw attention to the adopt a highway program.

“We’d love to have more people follow Mr. Vader’s example and help us keep the highways clean,” Clarke professed.


Drivers could soon see more than just a sign. Wakley plans to clean up his portion of the highway in his Darth Vader costume later this month.

Wakley is an example to us all to stand together so that we may crush the rebellion and restore order in the galaxy.

Source: New 10

The last few weeks the good staff at Patchwerk Recording Studios have been training with the Movers & Pacers for the IdOMUSIC® 5K Run/Walk taking place Saturday, August 1st 2015. One of our engineering staff assistants, Tyler Gunz, has entered beast mode recently and captured his 4 mile run through the GoPro Time lapse. Check out how he makes light werk of the run below.

Tyler is an up and coming producer as well. Check out his soundcloud and connect with him if you feeling the production. You can only get play on this site if you werking with Something Banging and Gunz got it. BANG! BANG!


The word on the street is Hulk Hogan is being erased from WWE history signaling Hulkamania is over. Looks like someone has audio recordings of him going on a racial tirade. Pretty damn disappointing it seems all the heroes from the early years have skeletons that are falling right out the closet. Truth always comes out eventually.

Quite disappointing.


The legendary Patchwerk Recording Studios is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary by organizing the IdOMUSIC® 5K Run August 1st, 2015. Forget the cliche turnup party and liquored up norm that surrounds the daily music biz in Atlanta. Time to get fit!

The proceeds will be donated to MusiCares Foundation. Musicares provides a safety net of critical assistance for people in times of need. It’s a good cause and will be fun. Afterwards we will have refreshments and snacks at Patchwerk.

Don’t make excuses…make it happen! Visit the link for more information on how you can participate in the action!



It is 2015 and you got to learn how to carry a conversation with all types of individuals including the British. My cousin Kesito who lives in London sometimes has me totally lost with the British lingo. Seriously if I meet a London bombshell I want to be ready. Well thanks to Kate Arnell I got a few words to add to the repertoire when spitting game at a dame now. All I needed to learn was the reference for “Bang Tidy” which goes along with my whole character. Watch the video and step your game up mates!



The suits we have the ladies mashed up today are a bit different from the norm. Girl power is real and Canadian artist Sandra Chevrier uses her abilities to create paintings. Her portraits depict ladies covering their face in comic book pages. An interesting take on the art culture and and unique way to showcase the comic book world! How many ladies actually read comic books tho?  Do you feel empowered or do you feel afraid?






Source: Fubiz


Owners of Nike Plus Fuel bands have a great reward on the way. Nike & Apple have agreed to pay $25 in the form of a gift card. If you decide not to take the card you can receive a check for Nike for $15.

Anyone in America who purchased a Fuelband  between January 19th, 2012 and June 17th, 2015 is eligible. The best part is you can receive payment for each and every Fuelband you’ve ever purchased over the years. I recommend you taking advantage like I am. I’ve gone through 3 fuel bands and can’t wait to collect my $75. Submit your claim online here if you like. The expiration on collecting is January 4th.

The plaintiffs alleged that both Nike and Apple made false claims about the fitness tracker’s ability to track steps, calories, and even NikeFuel points. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that the companies failed to properly follow through with the terms of the product’s warranty. Both companies deny the claims, but, according to the settlement, they agreed to the class action terms “in order to avoid the expense, inconvenience, and distraction of continued litigation.”

Get you money people! Oh yeah if you still use the Fuelband link up. My name is Obanga!



Live Streaming just got a little more interesting now GoPro cameras are in the mix. Since the launch of Twitter’s Periscope app a majority of attention has been shifted to the live streaming competitor away from Meerkat.

The partnership will allow GoPro users to live stream on the Meerkat service using action cameras. Previously streaming was limited to using either the front or rear smartphone camera so adding GoPro cameras as a source should result in some interesting streams for viewers.

The integration between GoPro and Meerkat is currently supported on GoPro3 cameras while a future update will add support for GoPro4 cameras. Meerkat and GoPro for iOS available for free on the App Store. Meerkat shared these instructions today for setting up the new feature:

A stir fry of vintage photography mixed with comedic pop culture references is what happens when you get David Lyle in the mix. His works will leave you with a dose of nostalgia focused on significant moments in American history. A tribute to the fads of yesterday, various references to pop culture from Disney to Star Wars fill his portraits. Not one to shy away from controversy, race and crime is depicted also.


Lyles mentality is being able to take lost photos and paintings to create new memories birthing a second life. His explanation is, “Although I don’t know the people in the paintings, I can relate to certain memories and certain times in my own life. I keep my paintings realistic yet hazy, just like memories can be.”

Click to view more werk from David Lyle.